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Minnesota’s Morning Podcast

Episode 21

Monday, September 12, 2016

Puff-Paint Paul Hornung Jersey

Jason Quick and Paul Carlson from Concerned Veterans for America tell us what they’re doing to reform the VA. But first, we talk about the start of the NFL season and wonder why we’re sports fans. Finally, we remember September 11th and try to understand why fifteen years ago feels like yesterday.

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Show Notes
A Block [0:05]
  • Jack attempts to fix his clothes dryer [1:12]
  • Is Jack a good Packers fan? Why the hell is Ben a Vikings fan? [3:31]
B Block [17:01]
  • Guest: Jason Quick, Concerned Veterans for America
  • More Football Talk: The pain of being a Viking fan. [17:33]
  • The News Bag [24:27]
C Block [41:49]
  • Guest: Paul Carlson, Concerned Veterans for America
  • Concerned Veterans for America and VA reform [42:32]
  • Remembering September 11th [57:07]
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