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Minnesota’s Morning Podcast

Episode 158

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Jack returns from Florida, John Rouleau on Tim Walz governor run, Joe Isaacs on Cuba, and Angela Sedlacek on the Gasparilla Pirate Festival.

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Show Notes

A Block

  • Jack is back from Florida.
  • Everyone seems to have a Florida connection but Ben.
    • John Rouleau was in Naples
    • Joe Isaacs lived in Naples when he was young.
    • Angela Sedlacek grew up in Tampa.
  • The News Bag [11:21]

B Block

  • Jack’s TSA story. [52:36]
  • John Rouleau on Rep. Tim Walz running for governor. [57:23]
  • Joe Issacs took a trip to Cuba. [1:01:57]
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