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Up and at ’Em

Minnesota’s Morning Podcast


Paul Seefeld

  • Up and at ’Em

    Episode 471

    Arrested for Caring

    Turning first dates into game shows.

    Guest: Paul Seefeld

    Mon Jul 2 2018Monday, July 2, 2018

  • Up and at ’Em

    Episode 230

    Sherburne County Fair

    We’re live from the Sherburne County Fair!

    Guests: Kurt Daudt, Paul Seefeld, John Jordan, and Dennis Davis

    Fri Jul 21 2017Friday, July 21, 2017

  • Up and at ’Em

    Episode 152

    Hiding the Salami

    The Target logo, legislator pay, and the National Institutes of Health.

    Guests: John Spry‚ Ph.D., Paul Seefeld, Kayla Pascoe, and Mike Carpenter‚ Ph.D.

    Tue Mar 21 2017Tuesday, March 21, 2017