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Monday, February 6, 2017

NFL reveals Super Bowl LII logo. Meh.

As a teenager and future graphic designer, I would always look forward to seeing the new Super Bowl logo. I would trace each logo onto poster board for my parents’ parties. I would study the color schemes. I would learn the lessons of  logos and brand identity.

But the logo for the Minneapolis Super Bowl next year? Boring. Blah. Yawn.

It’s nothing. It a trophy and some roman numerals. Just like last year.

The NFL decided a while back to stop giving their Super Bowl logos uniqueness and personality every year. It was easier to just go with the same, lifeless, silver emblem every season.

I used to love how every logo had a hint of the city and stadium included. Super Bowl XXVII logo for Pasadena was festooned with roses. Super Bowl XXVIII had a Georgia peach. Super Bowl XXIII had nautical flags for San Diego. Super Bowl XXXI screamed Mardi Gras.

Minnesota’s first Super Bowl, XXVI, didn’t have a great logo, but it was unique. It was the first Super Bowl logo with a football on it!

I wish we had a great, unique logo for our game. I would proudly wear the t-shirts and hats. But if the National Football League isn’t going to put in the effort, I won’t either.


Benjamin Kruse


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